Top 10 relationship deal breakers for 2017

by almeda

Everyone is ruled by their beliefs, and opinions, first impressions influence our decisions. The people we allow in our lives are the ones who are able to create an impression on our minds.

Here are the top ten Deal Breakers For 2017



1. Bad breath

People often associate  a lot of things from smell and taste. These things bring back memories. Bad breath speaks loudly to our gut instinct to  avoid the smell at all costs.

2. Selfishness

Living in a fallen world we often see selfish behaviors, that leave many in serious need.

A person’s unwillingness to help another human being is a clear reflection of their character.

3. Arrogance

Conversation is important to all relationships. Hanging out and spending quality time with people allows us to share ideas, opinions, wisdom, gained by life experiences.

Feeling overly important robs us of humility and genuine interest in another human being.

4. Lying

Lying damages many relationships. Trust is important to the health and well being of all relationships. Without trust their is no foundation to build upon to keep relationships strong.

5. Cheating

Unfaithfulness destroys the foundation necessary to support the relationship. Its hard to connect with people that we do not trust.

Honesty and truth give life to the relationships, allowing space for people to work out problems and gain a clear understanding of circumstances.

6. Time

Spending time with people strengthens bonds, establishes trust, makes it easier to communicate our care and concerns. Investing time in our relationships give others the opportunity to get to know us personally. This allows us to grow and mature in our relationships.

7. Bad personal hygiene

Unpleasant smell make people uncomfortable. Lack of self care is a red flag for many. Nobody wants to associate with people that display bad self care. When we take pride in ourselves, that is a reflection of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

8. Lack of focus

A person without plans has no focus. Helping one another and sharing responsibility eases the many burdens we carry in our lives. In such a situation people generally form a negative image when they see someone who lacks focus in life.

9. Communication

Effective communication makes it easier to understand one another. We learn a lot through open and honest communication.

We are able to work out disagreements through effective communication. Without proper communication, we are unaware of the real concerns and problems.

10. No Commitment

Making empty promises is the ultimate deal breaker. A good reputation, is a lot better than having choice gold.

If your word can not be trusted upon, it will have a negative affect on your relationships. You will not be able to enjoy freedom and closeness, your experiences will not be deeply rewarding.

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