Do I Qualify for Medicare?

by Joseph

When it comes to medical benefits understanding what type of plans you are eligible for can make a big difference in your healthcare routine. As you age,  healthcare benefits such as Medicare become available to you. But, how do you know if you qualify for Medicare benefits?

It can be helpful to know where you stand in terms of qualifications before you submit an application. If you have been thinking about applying for medicare you are going to want to keep reading. In this article, you will learn the requirements to qualify for Medicare and the best way to apply for benefits.

What Is Medicare?

If you are unfamiliar with what Medicare is, it’s a national health insurance program that was started in 1966 in the United States. Medicare is administered under the Social Security Administration.

There are different parts to Medicare and understanding what each part covers will help you evaluate the medicare benefits you may need. Medicare Part A is related to hospital insurance. This means part A provides inpatient hospital stays.

This can include the use of hospice care, skilled nursing care in a facility, or in some cases home health care. Medicare Part B covers medical insurance. For example, if you need to go see a doctor or have some form of outpatient care, this would be covered under your Medicare Part B coverage.

It also covers preventive services and medical supplies. Lastly, there is Medicare Part D. This part of the medicare benefits covers prescription drugs. If you needed to get the flu shot or a vaccine Medicare Part D can help provide coverage.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for Medicare Benefits?

The Medicare qualifications are very straightforward. The first requirement for Medicare benefits is your age, anyone 65 or older who is a U.S. citizen qualifies. If you are a permanent legal resident who has been living in the United States for a minimum of five years, you will also qualify for Medicare benefits.

Being an employee of the United States government or being married to an employee makes you qualify for Medicare. This also includes retirees who haven’t paid into Social Security but have paid Medicare taxes.

If you receive Social Security or railroad retirement benefits and have worked long enough you are eligible as long as you have not started collecting those benefits.

You also qualify for Medicare if you have been entitled to Social Security disability benefits for 24 months or longer. This time period doesn’t have to be consecutive to be eligible. If you have permanent kidney failure in which you need constant dialysis or a kidney transplant and you or your spouse have paid into Social Security you qualify for Medicare.

Lastly, if you have Lou Gehrig’s disease you immediately qualify for Medicare.

Applying for Medicare

Applying for Medicare benefits is very simple. In the three months before you turn 65 or once you turn 65 you can go online and apply for your Medicare benefits.

The application process takes about 10 minutes and in most cases, you don’t need forms or documentation. Yet, before you apply for Medicare if you are still unsure if you will qualify, finding a trusted Medicare advisor can be the best solution for you.

Having someone who is knowledgeable like NW Florida Medicare can make the process of applying for  Medicare benefits that much easier.

Start Your Medicare Benefits Application Today

Now that you know how to qualify for Medicare you should consider filling out your application. No matter if you need Medicare Part A, B, or D it is something that you can surely benefit from using.

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