Law of Attraction – How to Change Negative Thoughts

by Janani

We’ve discussed the basics of the Law of Attraction, tips on how to practise it, and whether it really works. Now, it’s time to take another step to discover how to effectively integrate LoA into our lives.

A common misconception about LoA centres around negative thoughts. We’re human after all, and we’re bound to have pessimistic or sad thoughts every now and then. Admonishing yourself for thinking negatively isn’t going to stop those thoughts from returning. Instead, we must learn how to deal with these thoughts and change them. All it takes is these three steps: Recognize, Record, Reform!

1. Recognize Negative Thoughts

The first step is the most important: figure out what your negative thoughts are about. Some may think that acknowledging negative thoughts is like rewarding a petulant child with attention for bad behaviour. But getting upset and frustrated with yourself for thinking bad things isn’t going to help either. Avoid the mistake of blocking them as soon as they surface in your mind: running from a problem is never the solution.

Try to think about the situations that have caused these thoughts. If you find yourself thinking lowly of yourself, contemplating what lead to this thought can help. Is it because of some incident in your past? Is it because someone said something to put you down? The point of this exercise is to understand what and why. Only then, you can figure out how to deal with these thoughts.

2. Record Negative Thoughts

Be it an exam, a job interview or self-confidence issues, try to work through your worries by writing them down. When you write your thoughts down, you will start to understand why and where they’re coming from. And more often than not, you will find the solution to soothe your worries all on your own.

A clear mind is one that is capable of taking sound decisions and correct action. In order to declutter your mind, you need to figure out what exactly is going on up there. An excellent way to do that is to maintain a personal diary. Diaries are great when you want to revisit the good days, and remind yourself of how you got over the bad ones!

3. Reform Negative Thoughts

Reforming negative thoughts begins with rewording them. Let’s say you move to a new neighborhood after living in the same block for over ten years. At first, you’re new to the place and miss your old home and friends. You find yourself thinking, Everyone here is a stranger, I’m so lonely. After you’ve established the what and why, you need to reword your negative thought in a more positive light. So, Everyone here is a stranger, I’m so lonely will become, I miss my old friends, but I also have the chance to meet many new people here. 

A reformed thought leads to action. And the right action leads to the right consequences. You are now motivated to get out more, socialise and meet the people around you.

The Three R’s

So, with the help of the three R’s you have the power to turn a negative thought into a more positive one that leads to a favourable outcome. This ability will greatly help you in harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction. When you are capable of transforming negativity into positivity, you will naturally attract more positivity into your life.

Watch this fun, short animation that explains how you can take charge and combat negative thoughts.

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