Thirteen secrets to get superb look without Make Up

by madhu bhagat

Of course, we commute make up to hide our  blemish . Who  doesn’t want to look graceful, but  in all these, we lose sight on our wrinkles and pimples that’s coming out due to wearing make up all day. Look your face at the mirror just once and get to know your skin gets exhausted with it?

Frankly speaking, it’s so difficult for  girls to stay away from make up products, yes, of course i can’t deny myself for carrying highlighter and mascara not all time. but don’t think you can only look superb just because of make up works miraculous. It is temporary. Now Girls, you will look Spectacular without any make up. Of course, pay attention some other things from those your skin shine and keep busy in the spotlight for your good look and beauty.

Now, the question arises how can it be? Well, Here are thirteen secrets, which is about to reveal and surly, works as a magic in your skin.

Drink Water: Do you want beautiful skin?  Of course Yes!! Do you drink sufficient water? If you don’t, so you can’t hide yourself  to look older. The plenty water is necessity of your skin to prevent fluid loss.

Drink 7 to 8 glass in a day unless you will not get wrinkles or find lines in your face. Have you thought why the film actress look so  attractive? Yes, just because of water. The popular Actress producer and business women Jennifer Aniston revealed her glowing skin secret.

I always try to sleep for at least eight hours a night and, of course, water, water, water! I drink 100 ounces of Smart water every day. But occasionally I just have to have a Diet Coke—there’s nothing like it!” 

Whiten your teeth: You won’t give me astonishment look, if I will say whiten teeth is another way of looking beautiful without make up. Well, we want white and beautiful that enhance our beauty.  Is it?    

 Frankly speaking, Instead of being sluggish, I can’t lose my beautiful smile just because of my heedlessness towards teeth care. Don’t you do?

Weather-stained teeth fall short on  your beauty as well as your smile. Use good quality of toothpaste for sparking of your smile.It amplifies your beauty.

Moisturizer:Well, moisturizer unwrap all the pores and eliminate the fine lines gradually, you have to keep patience. Use moisturizer to prevent from the arrival of wrinkles and dry saggy skin. It contains glycerin to lock skin in moisturizer and nourishing the dry skin.

Have you noticed why the Korean girls have beautiful skin due to using moisturizer and serums quite carefully?  Don’t use too much in the summer season. Just Use it before sleeping and get good skin.

Face wash:  For sure, you probably like to use face wash on daily basis to discard pimples. Well, some face wash products doesn’t suit on us, as I suffered it. So better for you, to choose suitable one.

Now, the question is coming out how it works? Well, eliminating the dead cells and make lucent skin. Frankly speaking, if you want splendid skin, so use face washes that suits on you.  Leave the makeup product. Definitely, you would get a glowing face.

Hair care: Surly, you would agree to add hair care  treatment for making crowd towards your beauty. In fact without it nothing, I mean your overall looks can’t be resplendent.

Everybody has craved of good hairs. Well, I have pretty longing of long hairs since childhood.Don’t you? Surly your answer would be yes, so apply home remedies instead of expanding money in signature salon.

Just imagine having messy and dirty hairs on your glowing skin, will it suit?  Definitely,No. It reduces your beauty.

Oil massage and homemade conditioner Egg, banana, Mayonnaise and honey keep your hairs strengthen. After it, rinse your hairs and shampoo it.

Use Toner: I love to use toner. Have you ever noticed after using toner, you get your skin so pretty like other expansive products fail to do.

Why? Toner lay off your dead cells and gives supple skin. Dry skin people use it at least once in a day. Discarding blemishes on your face and build up a healthy pelt. Make sure that you are placing your toner in fridge.

I am pretty addictive to use toner to unwrap pores and fort oily skin treatment. Well, I am recommending you to use once in day make your face so fresh and healthy.

Lemon Tea: Stop taking tea or Coffee. Do you know, lemon tea is very profitable? Every morning drink hot water with lemon increases the grace of your beauty.

As we know that Lemon having vitamin C eject waste, toxins, cleansing liver as well as auxiliary in weight loss. It maintains your body and enhances your beauty. So what are you waiting for?  Start your day to have a lemon tea. Leave Coffee and Tea, Just take a cup of lemon tea in every morning to look pretty and Stay happy…..


Exercise: It improves your flexibility. Regular Yoga practices release tension and put inner strength to your body. Well, If you can’t do in the morning, so do exercise in the evening.

It is quite truly said that

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.

Now, Do I really need to ask you exercise is so important and how it can be grace you so fast?


Trim your hairs: Well, I think this stolen tips can be other secrets of looking superb. Worried for hair falling, so don’t worry. Nothing goes wrong; just move your steps towards it.

If you will not trim your hairs, you would get splits and you know splits reduction of hairs. And, of course small length of hairs would be easy to make stylish look, which you ever get in long hairs.

Just imagine how it will look one having beautiful hairs and another has left little bit hairs on her head. Do you need to know who would be looking more beautiful?

If you don’t do, then you can’t hide your hairs to get thinner. Better it to Trim and give shine to your hairs.


Don’t rub your eyes: Mostly it has seen that we rub our eyes, it creates redness and infections. Don’t do it from the next time.

Most of us start  rubbing eyes after waking up, but you know how harmful it is? It emboldens tiny blood vessels to break. And leaves more gems in any other part after rubbing eyes. So, don’t repeat your mistakes again.

Sufficient Sleep: Do you disturb your sleeping schedule due to your work? Is it really? Somewhat yes! Well, we all know red eyes depict your tiredness just because of insufficient sleep. You avoid sleeping holding a busy schedule, but just once you look yourself at the mirror, definitely you find tiredness on your face.

Of course, Take six to eight hour sleep, it refresh your mind. Most of us don’t get sufficient sleep but let me tell you it’s not good habit as our parents says. I remember Thomas Dekkar, who was great writer actually, used to say that

sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.


Eat healthy food: Eat healthy, look wealthy. Yes, it is quite truly said that the food makes you rich by skin and feel healthier as well.

Well, what you  eat exactly your face reflects. Instead of junk food or chocolate, why don’t you take fresh and healthy meal? Why it is so important? Don’t you know?

Food is a soul of beauty. Eat fresh and healthy food. Avoid eating oily food & junk food. Drink milk every day. Ryan Reynolds, A thirty seven years old American Actor stated during an interview.

Nutrition is everything. Everyone thinks getting in shape is 80% working out and 20% diet, but really it’s the other way around.” That’s what need to be look healthy and superb.


Stay positive and smile daily. Just See your smiling and non- smiling picture. Do I need to ask you in which photo you look more prettier? Of course, smile is the best make up. So wear it every time.

Believe that you are the world’s most beautiful women in the world.AS American actress Zoe Kravitz says “Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful”



It will help you to look good……So try these tips Girls ……. Hurry Up…….


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