9 Helpful Tips to Make Your Pregnancy Photoshoot Even More Special

by Joseph

After your pregnancy announcement, there are tons of things you can do to make your 40-week adventure fun.

Sure, your pregnancy might not always be enjoyable. You could have morning sickness, heartburn, leg cramps, and other body changes and discomforts.

But the parts that make it great? For example, indulging your cravings, nursery-prep parties, and so on–those are always worth looking forward to. That said, if you’re super excited about celebrating your pregnancy with a photoshoot, you’re in luck.

Here, we’ll share some of the best pregnancy photoshoot tips for mamas to be.

1. Get Inspired

If you’re unsure about what you want, the best place to turn to is online. Google “maternity photos” or search for related hashtags on Instagram to get some fabulous ideas. Pinterest is also a treasure trove of inspiration, as well as some parenting blogs.

Be sure to save photos you like so that you can show them to your photographer later on. If it’s a DIY photoshoot, get your family on board. They could have awesome ideas or concepts you may have missed if you’re planning everything independently.

2. Experiment With Different Poses and Angles

Whether it’s your first or second pregnancy photoshoot, it helps a lot if you don’t feel stiff on the day you’re taking pictures.

One way to get into the zone is by practicing different poses and angles. Even if you feel silly, try to do them when you have time. Your body will move more naturally come the day of your photoshoot.

Try doing hands on the belly, bending one leg to shift the weight, and some maternity yoga poses. If you plan to have pictures with your partner, ask him or her to practice poses with you. Do some test shots using a phone/camera on a tripod to see which angles are most flattering for you.

3. Find the Best Maternity Photographer

The best photographer could be someone recommended by a friend or one whose portfolio impressed you the most.

They could also be someone whose professional photography services fit your budget and preferences the best. To be sure your photos will turn out fantastic, don’t book a session without interviewing at least three photographers.

See how they respond to your questions and choose the one who makes you feel the most comfortable. Don’t forget some pregnancy photoshoot ideas can be pretty intimate. You won’t get the best photos if you can’t relax during the shoot.

4. Pick the Right Time for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

While documenting belly growth throughout the pregnancy is a good idea, not everyone can afford to hire a photographer every month or even per trimester.

If you plan to do this only once, choose a time when your bump is quite prominent. Of course, don’t postpone it until you’re about to give birth. You don’t want to rush to the hospital in the middle of the shoot.

For most moms, the ideal time is at the start of the third trimester. However, if you’re expecting multiples, don’t wait until the final stretch. Book earlier (around 24 weeks) when moving is still relatively easy.

5. Decide Whether You Want an Outdoor Pregnancy Photoshoot

Choosing the right location is essential to setting the right mood for your photoshoot.

While the outdoors can provide stunning backgrounds, you might find it hard to emote if you’re in a public area. It would help if you also keep your health in mind when choosing an outdoor location.

Choose somewhere else if the site you pick requires you to walk for a long time uphill or if there are jagged rocks around. Now, if you’ve decided to go for an indoor shoot, the downside is your choices of where to take photos could be limited. You can compensate for this by being more creative with your poses.

6. Choose Stylish but Comfortable Photoshoot Outfits

Remember, the idea is to show off your bump.

One advantage of working with an experienced photographer is they can help you select the right outfits. Try to prepare a mix of clothes that cling, flowy dresses, and clothes that match the location you’ve chosen.

Don’t forget to bring accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and other accents. And for shots with the whole family, don’t try to go super matchy-matchy. Choose coordinating colors and take into account the season to come up with the perfect outfits.

7. Pamper Yourself Days Before the Shoot

Wear face masks, apply lotion or oils, plus other things that intensify your beauty routine.

You want to look radiant on the day of the shoot. Having great skin will give you that extra boost of confidence during the shoot.

8. Prepare for Bare Tummy Shots

For ultra-close belly shots, remember to moisturize and wear the right outfit. That means no tight clothing or anything with an elastic band, as these would leave marks.

If this is a DIY photoshoot, take your cue from the experts. They would usually shoot bare tummy shots first. This way, their clients can change to any outfit they want without worrying about belly marks.

9. Have Fun

Especially when you’re shooting with toddlers and kids, it might feel like you’re spending most of your time watching over them instead of focusing on the shoot.

Don’t let it stress you out. Embrace the moment, as this is a precious time for you and your family.

Besides, you’re not alone. You have your photographer who’ll make sure to capture both candid and non-candid moments. The more fun you have, the more your photos will reflect that enjoyment.

Lights, Camera, and Enjoy It, Mama!

Now that you know some of the best tips for making your pregnancy photoshoot special don’t stop here.

For more advice on doing maternity photoshoots, check out what other moms have to say. You can go on forums or ask your best friends for ideas and photographer recommendations.

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