Fun tips to prepare for Impromptu Travel Dates

by almeda

The era of baby boomers, has come and gone replacing traditional and conventional dating. Human interpersonal relationships are paramount to their existence. Open and honest communication flowed naturally until social media platforms, created an environment of deception, and mistrust.

Individuals hide behind the mask of their social media presence.  Possessing solid character, walking in love, and truth, and integrity enriches lives, giving nourishment to the soul. Radical millennials, go against the grain operating by their own precepts. Grabbing life by the horns, bold and fearless, unintimidated, impassioned by their need for  love and acceptance. Their hedonistic perception, allows them to live boldly throwing caution to the wind.

Rapidly changing society, the advancement of social technologies, birthed new dating concepts, impromptu travel dating became a trending phenomenon in 2017

Social intermingling, has pros and cons. According to routine can be attractive and certainly has its issues, but life has no fun without a little spontaneity. If you’ve always wanted to visit a new place or just get the hell out, dodge, make it happen,

Here are tips to make great, spontaneous travel plans, with that potential mate.


The key is just to remain as flexible as possible. If you can’t be too flexible with dates, be flexible with your location. Go somewhere you can drive or to  provides a cheap train or bus ticket.


With the ongoing cycle of commitment and responsibility,  when we are tired and frustrated, we are less likely to have the propensity to engage in the dating world. One of the hardest part of simply packing up and going anywhere at the last minute is finding the time. Properly managing our time throughout the day, will free up some extra time.

Choosing your Destination

The important thing you need to remember is that you’re being spontaneous, which goes hand-in-hand without being picky. There are probably a handful of places you want to go, but stay open to ones you haven’t thought of yet. Or don’t pick a destination at all, these exotic locals create a relaxing atmosphere, that makes awkwardness less apparent. A more relaxed environment provides an air of excitement and mystery.

Finding a place to stay, and activities

I think the most fun part of visiting a new place is picking your exact location as every town or section of a city has something unique and interesting to offer. When we engage in fun activities its easier to connect with people. We are relaxed and we are able to be ourselves without the pressure to make a good impression. We are able to put our guard down, and simply be present, and live in the moment.





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