5 Key Tips for Dating a Prisoner

by Joseph

What wouldn’t you do for a loved one? There’s romance in the air, and love knows no bounds. Not even behind a wall of prison bars, armed guards, or facades of stigma.

Dating a prisoner is like when you dated as a teenager. There are curfews and the warden is like the shotgun-wielding dad. So, you might be pretty familiar with its quirks.

However, if you’re not, you could use a few pointers on prison romance. Here are 5 tips that you don’t want to be guilty of missing.

1. Sharpen Your Ink Nib

You should start getting familiar with pen and paper. Letters could be your main way of communicating, especially depending on the severity of the inmate’s crimes.

Write to your jailed lovebird at least once or twice a week. Knowing that someone is on the outside of the prison is a huge uplift.

2. Don’t Smuggle

If your prison lover has asked you to smuggle in any paraphernalia, illegal substances, or money, then it’s time to reevaluate things.

If they truly love you or at least respect you enough, they won’t ask you these things. Smuggling is a serious crime for both parties. Do not do something that can potentially ruin your future, life, or career because of a prison romance.

3. Ask Yourself: What Can You Get from Dating a Prisoner?

At this part of the stage, you should ask yourself: what’s next? Where do you see this relationship going? Can it possibly be a fulfilling partnership?

These are all questions that you should consider. Having a partner locked away can be demanding on you and them. If there’s no future in this relationship, then it may be time to make your exodus.

If you must date a prisoner, at least have a plan for a future.

4. Make Sure They’re Being Rehabilitated

If you’re totally committed to your inmate fling, then make sure they’re being rehabilitated. Talk to them about what’s happening and how they’re behaving.

Whatever crime they may have committed, they should be getting help so that they don’t do it again. After all, imprisonment is about getting better, right?

5. Leave the Kids at Home

Prison is no place for children. If you’re inclined on taking your daughter or son with you to visit your loved one, then they should be related. Don’t take them if they have no family bond to the prison.

A prison is a scary place. Imagery in the clank can be damaging to young people, and they should avoid its presence altogether. They should be aware of what it is, but they should have no experience with it.

Locked Up Lovers

Loving someone in the clank has its burdens. There’s the whole imprisonment thing, but there are restrictions and things you should consider before pursuing your relationship.

The two of you should exchange letters frequently, and make sure they’re getting the help they need. Don’t do anything illegal for them, leave the kids at home, and reevaluate the relationship often.

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