Why do Russian girls choose guys from USA

by Aleksander Pichkur

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "русские девушки"
In the childhood, your world seems to be huge, and you believe that your future life will surely look like a fairy tale even if you are far from having blue blood. Usually, girls dream about pure love and build castles in the air. First, it happens at school, then at university. However, a few girls meet their one and only at once. A big part of them face challenges, disappoint and realize the severity of the modern world. It’s not surprising that you can meet Russian singles anywhere on the globe because smart women always strive to find their happiness, not limiting themselves to one city or a country.

Why does it so difficult for girls to meet a soulmate in Russia?

Statistics teaches us to analyze and see the essence of things. Two wars, a revolution, and repressions have wiped out the best men of Russia. As a result, all subsequent generations of boys suffered not only genetically, but they were also brought up very weirdly, basically, by mothers and grandmothers and with the feeling that a boy is a little god and the main treasure of the world. Such a man has got used to the fact that women should do their best to draw his attention. Russian men are spoiled by woman’s care and beauty, many of them prefer to lie in a bed and drink beer instead of doing anything worthwhile. Usually, if Russian men after 30 are not married, then they surely have some problems. They might not want to have a family due to some inner causes or they might have some complexes. However, according to statistics, women outnumber men almost two to one. So, many Russian single women just don’t have a chance to find their love in the home country.

Why do Russian girls emigrate to the USA?

All girls like to get admiring looks and feel desired, smart and beautiful women particularly need that. However, even if a Russian woman has an amazing body, which deserves to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated as well as a great bosom, which can be used by a plastic surgeon as an example of natural perfection, it doesn’t mean that she is popular with Russian men. There are too many beautiful girls in Russia, and almost all of them are engaged in self-sacrifice. This is such a Russian national idea. Women try to save their men all the time, including alcoholics, liars, cheaters who do not respect women. Russian girls take the initiative, solve all the problems themselves, but they do that in such a way as not to offend their men’ self-esteem, such a fragile and defenseless male ego.

Smart girls go on business trips to the USA, experience the opposite attitude and decide to emigrate. They just dive into the ocean of male attention.

Why does it easier for Russian singles to find their happiness abroad?

In general, the reason of why an American man wants to get married to a Russian girl is similar to the reason of the girl who starts looking for a foreign partner. It is about the balance of supply and demand. An American man and a Russian girl want the same. They seek to have a healthy relationship, a partner with a certain number of required qualities and background. For example, a woman wants to find a reliable man who is able to provide a family and who wants to have children, a man also wants to have kids as well as a beautiful and younger partner, so their desires coincide. In comparison to Russian men, American guys appreciate a woman’s beauty and treat them with respect and care.

In addition, in the USA, a man with a house, a car, and a stable job as well as with a desire to create a family is a common situation, while in Russia, such men are rarely alone. So, it is much easier for Russian singles to find partners who will meet their expectations in the USA than in Russia.

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