How to Practice Good Body Mechanics and Posture During Pregnancy

by Joseph

Pregnancy can be equal parts exciting and painful. A 2019 survey found that 94 percent of people experience back and pelvic pain during pregnancy.

One reason is that pregnant people do not practice good posture. They lean forward to compensate for the added weight. This may provide temporary relief, but it will lead to muscle strains.

What are the body mechanics that you should practice? What are good things to do when standing or sitting down?

Answer these questions and you can avoid unnecessary pain. Here is your quick guide to good posture during pregnancy.


While you are sleeping, you need to decrease pressure on your joints. Lie on your left side to allow even distribution across your body.

Support your neck with a pillow that keeps your spine straight. If you have pain in your hips, place pillows between your knees.

To get into bed, sit on the edge of your mattress. Then lie down on your side and lift your legs up. Roll over without twisting your spine or abdomen.

To get out, drop your legs off the side of the mattress. Push up with both arms and relax your pelvis.


Your head determines your body posture while standing. Hold your head straight, with your skull sitting on top of your upper vertebrae. Keep your shoulders back and push your chest forward.

Don’t stand in one position for too long. Walk around to increase circulation and reduce strain on your feet. Sit down when you need to take a break.

If you have pain while standing or moving, you can get physical therapy. Talk to your doctor about your options and read more here.


When you are sitting in a chair, you want your back to remain straight. Use the back of the chair to keep yourself upright. Place a lumbar roll at the hollow of your back for added support.

Put your feet flat on the floor, with your knees bent at right angles. Keep your weight evenly between both of your hips.

Adopt similar body mechanics while you are driving. Keep your seat close to the steering wheel so you can raise your feet to the pedals.

When you are sitting on the floor, adopt tailor sitting. Sit on your buttocks with your legs crossed in front of you. If you want to relieve pressure on your legs, you can stretch them out.

Essential Body Mechanics During Pregnancy

You don’t have to be in pain while you are pregnant. Practice sleeping body mechanics by lying on your left side. Sit down in bed and roll into it instead of throwing your body down.

Keep your head straight while you are standing up. Move around to avoid straining your feet.

Sit down in a chair that will keep your spine straight. Distribute your weight between both sides of your body by keeping your feet on the floor.

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