Law of Attraction – Find Your Soulmate

by Janani

We have already established through various posts that the Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to make your dreams come true. But did you know that LoA can be used to attract your ideal soulmate too?

Disclaimer: LoA is not a voodoo love spell! You cannot control other people’s thoughts about you, you cannot will someone to have feelings for you. You can only change yourself so that you are your best version. When you’re your best self, you will be able to attract a soulmate or partner who vibes with you and your desires.

It begins with you

Just like every other concept of LoA, attracting an ideal partner also begins with you. The first step involves writing and recording what you love most about yourself.

Relationships aren’t a one-way road: there’s give and take from both parties. So, in this step, you’re telling yourself all the good things that you can give to the relationship. Loyalty, honesty, support, kindness, a sense of humour are some examples of good qualities that you may possess.

Picture the feelings, not the person

The next step is to stop and think about all the feelings that you want to feel in your dream relationship. Remember, you are not thinking about the person, their appearance or personality traits. Instead, you are thinking about the happiness of being in the relationship. Find a few minutes’ time to sit quietly and revel in the feeling of being cherished, loved or supported. It entirely depends on what you want out of a relationship.

Also, remember that the basic principle of LoA (like attracts like) works here too. If you are looking for a loyal partner, you need to be loyal, too. As I said before, LoA isn’t magic. You have to be capable of displaying the characteristics that you want. And once you accomplish that, it’s all about attracting those same good qualities to yourself in the form of a partner.

Love doesn’t happen overnight

Like most good things in life, love doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for you to grow into your best self, and it takes time to attract someone with the qualities you want.

But be aware that LoA doesn’t guarantee a fairytale relationship. Every relationship will have its ups and downs, and it is unrealistic to expect a relationship without any problems. But with the power of the Law of Attraction, you are strong enough to face whatever challenges come your way and emerge victorious.

Watch this YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on how to manifest your ideal soulmate!

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