by Saloni Maheshwari

All of you might not be sure what ambivert really means. Some of you might have gone like “huh, what?” Don’t worry, you are not the only one to be befuddled about it. Ambivert implies somebody who is to some degree a blend of a social butterfly and a self-observer. In simple words a mix of extrovert and introvert. It is an anomaly to us.


If you are comfortable enough in talking to strangers and are pretty outgoing, people say that you are an extrovert whereas if you stay in more and love to spend time by yourself, with your books or maybe your laptop or whatever that pleases you, people say you are an introvert. However, you don’t consent to it. Outgoing people too want to have their own quality time without anyone else and self-observers too long for an insane party with their best ones.

It mostly depends on how much time you need to revitalize yourself after you’ve socialized. If you need less time, you are more likely to be an extrovert. If you need more time with yourself, you are likely to be an introvert. And people who need a reasonable amount of time to recharge themselves come under the category of an ambivert. Now you must be wondering what is ‘reasonable amount’ of time. There is no set measure of time. It just varies from individual to individual and that’s how we make the distinction.

Following are few traits that tell us if you are an ambivert:

1. Ambivert can maintain the balance very well

The even demeanour of an ambivert can offset an extroverted personality, and bring out an introverted one.

2. They are social chameleons.

Ambiverts are comfortable in a variety of social situations. For example, they don’t mind amass discussions or being the centre of attention. However, they also appreciate hanging back and observing.

3. Too much downtime makes an ambivert anxious.

Ambiverts enjoy spending time alone but become anxious if they spend too much of their spare time in solitude

4. They can endure casual conversation but for a little time.

Although they don’t despise small talk as much as introverts do, ambiverts are bored by too much fluffy banter. They’ll endure chatter for a little time, and afterwards need to plunge into more important discussions.

Are they the fortunate ones?

Some say that ambiverts are the fortunate ones. They don’t need to manage the difficulties of being an extraordinary thoughtful person or social butterfly. They can joyfully explore the centre ground, where there isn’t so much disconnection and misconception.

Personally, I think every identity sort accompanies its perks and issues. I’d love to hear from any ambivert readers, who can reveal some insight into the challenges and advantages of having this identity sort.


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Ashutosh November 14, 2017 - 7:42 am

Wow!! Great insights about Ambivert. Guess what? by reading your blog I found that I’m an Ambivert. 🙂

Saloni Maheshwari November 14, 2017 - 9:18 pm

Thankyou! I am happy you could find out more about yourself through my post.


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