5 Travel Goals Everyone Should Have in Their Bucket List

by Chaitra Joshi

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.

All of us are different, so are our bucket lists. Each one of us has a bucket list of the things to do before we die. The one thing that most people have on their bucket list is to travel the world, coz who doesn’t love vacations, right? There was no man who ever said that he doesn’t love vacations. But let’s get real here, how many of us actually get to travel the world? We are always postponing our plans to travel the world because of various time and budget constraints. So instead, why not have some realistic and more fun travel goals that we can actually accomplish?

Here are some travel goals that we think everyone should have on their bucket list. While most of these are budget friendly, we also have something for those who love luxury travel. These are a must try at least once in a lifetime. The best part is that you can customize these ideas for your budgets and interests. Let’s start off with the most obvious ones.


1. Road Trip

road trip

For certain people, vacations can be just about booking your flight tickets to a famous holiday destination and go sightseeing. Too often in the process of exploring the world’s best holiday destinations, we forget to explore our own country and the places surrounding to where we live in. If you want to have a weekend get away with your friends and just explore places nearby, a road trip is your best bet. Just make sure you’re good at long distance driving, and so are your companions.


2. Hiking Trip

hiking trip

Have you ever thought of exploring the country side on foot? A hiking trip spent walking for long hours just gazing at the scenery around helps you clear your head and brings peace to your mind in ways that cannot be explained. In addition to that, the joy of finally reaching your destination after travelling for hours on foot is incredible. If you are someone who loves nature and you’re physically fit enough to handle these long distance treks, a hiking trip would make a perfect fit in your bucket list.


3. Solo Trip

solo trip

What is the joy of living without taking some risks in life? Vacations don’t always have to be enjoyed with friends. After all, why look for company when you can have a great time all by yourself?

With the sheer amount of thrill and freedom that it brings along, a solo trip liberates you from your inhibitions and makes you braver. It lets you find yourself in the journey and helps you make new and everlasting friendships. A solo trip is something that should be on everybody’s bucket list, no matter what your travel preferences may be. And you always have the liberty to choose a place that you deem safe enough for a solo trip.


4. No Destination Trip


Life is full of surprises. You never know where you could end up unless you give it a try and take the first step. It is always more important to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination. So pack your backpack, get on the road and go where the road takes you; Let life throw its surprises your way. Trust me, it is going to end up being the best trip of your lifetime!


5. Cruise trip

cruise trip

How many times have we watched “Titanic” and dreamt of going on a luxurious cruise trip? Well, if you still haven’t fulfilled that wish of yours, now is about the right time to put it on top of your bucket list and get your epic cruise journey started.

A cruise trip is for those who love the kind of vacations where you can to just take a break from the hustle-bustle and enjoy the luxuries of life. A long relaxing journey on the sea while the cruise takes you to amazing destinations is all you need.


Image Credits: Google Images, Pinterest, Pixabay


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