by Satyam Dash

Its the month of May and the end-term breaks have started in most of the colleges. Even the workload in the corporate sector has relatively reduced. The rush experienced during the financial year ending has mellowed down considerably. This is that time of the year when most of us plan our vacations. Being social animals one of the first things that comes to our minds while planning a trip is, ‘Who will be accompanying us?’ The answer to this question more often than not is friends, colleagues or classmates. Most of us usually do not think about taking our parents out for a vacation. This is because we see it as something not upbeat with today’s culture. In this post we are going to discuss why taking are parents out for a vacation is a good idea.

  1. Responsibility- Parents are the ones who have taken care of us from the moment we have come into this world. They have left no stones unturned to ensure our happiness and comfort. This is why it is our responsibility to do something which could in turn make them happy. A small trip to a place where they always wanted to go would be a nice token of appreciation for the innumerable favours they have done us.

    Adult son traveling with parents

  2. Getting to know each other more- This might sound a bit weird but the truth is, in today’s technologically advanced world we do not really spend much time with our parents and end up not knowing many things about their tastes and preferences. Family conversations are many a times just reduced to a few texts exchanged in a WhatsApp group. It is thus important to disconnect from our digital life and devote some time to the two most important people in our life.
  3. Trips become more comfortable- While travelling solo or while travelling with our friends we have the tendency to adjust. We put up at sub standard hotels to cut down on costs or skip meals to save time. Such things do not really make our vacations pleasant but while travelling with parents we would always offer them the best possible hospitality. From staying at star hotels to having proper meals at right intervals  vacations with parents surely become more comfortable.

    Places for comfortable accomodation

  4. Getting to learn something new – As youngsters we like to dwell in the present and build our futures. We have the tendency to ignore the history and mythological stories attached to a particular place . Our parents are normally the ones who take interest in such aspects and enlighten us about it. While such information may seem irrelevant it is actually important to learn something  new from every new place we visit or any new activity we undertake.
  5. We are never bored- Getting bored is something that we would never feel while travelling with our parents. We do not need any electronic gadget to keep ourselves entertained. Gone are the days when our parents used to scold us constantly. As we are adults now parents do feel an increased degree of freedom to share their thoughts with us. Listening to them would not only make them feel better but also help us understand them from different perspectives.

    father-son duo engaged in conversation

  6. Experiences last forever unlike material possessions- Gifting a watch on our parent’s birthdays is nice but how long would it last? 5-6 years at the most maybe, but when it comes to  experiences they last forever. Capturing photos is just a small thing. What matters is the memories we make with our beloved ones. 10 years down the line it would be difficult to remember which watch we gifted them on what occasion but even a short trip to a nearby holiday destination would be forever etched in their memories.

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