7 Tips to Find the Best Content Writer

by Joseph

Did you know that 17% of freelancers are writers? Considering that there are millions of freelancers in the US, this means there are quite a few content writers out there!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to boosting your business. And to maximize your SEO, you often need a content writer or two on your team.

Going back to the above statistic, it can be difficult to wade through the huge pool of talent to find one that’s right for you.

So how can you hire a content writer without wasting time or money? Read on for 7 tips!

1. Ask Your Own Social Network

Before you set out to do your own legwork, save some time and effort by asking around first. Chances are, you’ve got some friends who have needed the services of a content writer before. So use this to your advantage!

Your friends, family, or industry peers might have some great recommendations. Or they might be able to tell you who to steer clear of. They might even have some tips of their own for you so you can find a quality writer in record time.

2. Check Out Freelance Writing Sites

Remember how there are millions of freelance writers out there? They usually find work through freelance writing sites, so start there.

It might feel overwhelming at first, but make sure to take advantage of key features. For example, these content writers will have reviews and job histories, just like with any other business or job.

There are several ways you can hire writers for your orders. One is to take a look at the profiles of those who are interested and then select the best person for the job. Or you can place orders that can only be picked up by writers who were vetted for their skills.

3. Utilize Job Boards

You might think job boards are a thing of the past, but they’re just as popular today as they were before! But instead of physical boards, you’ll find digital ones on the internet.

You can post the orders you need to be done and then the freelance content writers can bid on them. This makes job boards an excellent choice if you’re looking to save money and need a large quantity of work to be done.

Do note that this method might yield some mediocre talent. However, if you need lots of work done promptly, then this is a great solution.

4. Speak to Bloggers You Like

Maybe you read blogs in your spare time. Or you keep up with industry news by reading blog posts of a particular writer.

Either way, you have some writers that you already know of. So why not take advantage of that? You’re already familiar with their style of writing and you know they can produce some great results.

It might be worth it to approach them and see if they’d be willing to be your website content writer. It’s a win-win situation, as they’ll probably be flattered that you reached out to them and you’ll be able to source a writer with proven results.

5. Browse Social Media

Over the years, social media’s evolved from just platforms for entertainment to valuable tools for businesses. Today, you can find a myriad of freelance writers on platforms like LinkedIn and even Facebook.

Going this route will take a bit more work, as you’ll have to know the right places to look. You might have to join several groups and do some digging before you can find someone who’s perfect for your company.

However, this can really pay off if you’re looking for someone of a high caliber to sign on as a long-term writer. So if you’re looking for quality over quantity, then this might be something to consider.

6. Always Request a Trial Piece

A content writer might seem like they have a great portfolio and work history. But you won’t know if they’re a good fit unless they actually take on some work from you.

But you shouldn’t commit to a contract right away. Instead, request that they write a trial piece (paid, of course).

This will allow you to see if they can write in the style you desire. You can also see if they follow instructions and handle edits in a professional and timely manner.

By requesting trial pieces, you’ll be able to see if a writer is suited for your company, all without signing them on long term.

7. Work With an Agency

If you don’t feel confident in your skills for sourcing a content writer, or you simply don’t have the time or energy, then you can always turn to an agency. They offer content writing services and have already done the vetting process themselves to assemble a team of the very best writers.

All you’ll have to do is let them know about your business and what you hope to achieve. They can then connect you with the content writers who will help you grow your business in the best ways possible.

What’s great is these marketing agencies can offer other services as well, such as branding, graphic design, lead generation, and website creation and hosting. So you can get all your marketing needs taken care of under one roof, which will save you both time and money.

Get the Best Content Writer Around

It might be difficult to find a good content writer, but once you do, you’re pretty much set for life. And even if you don’t use that writer on a long-term basis, by reading the above tips, you now know how to go about hiring fantastic writers for future endeavors.

So if you’re frustrated with the quality of writers you’re currently getting, don’t give up. By employing some of the advice above and being patient, that hard work will pay off in the end.

For more articles like this one on how to hire a content writer, make sure you check out the rest of our blog posts now!

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