Is Being Aimless Really A Shame?

by Vipul Ozone

‘What is your aim?’, a question that has been trending from times unknown. You are always expected to answer this question. It really doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 18, this question will turn up and you must have an answer. If you are 8, you are expected to say whatever your parents told you. If you’re 18, it’s time you should have an answer of your own. You fail to answer this question and your future is already considered to be in jeopardy!

Do You Have An Aim?

So maybe you are or were not fully committed to it but everyone dreams of being something at some point in their lives. There is definitely something out there that you wanted to be or still want to be. Maybe you tried and failed a few times and you’re not keeping up with that aim anymore. Maybe you had an aim that didn’t last very long. Whatever the case, there was or still is an aim.  The real question here is, are you willing to share it with other people?

Pros and Cons Of Letting People Know

A major chunk of the pros and cons depends upon the people around you. What influence do they have on your life? What do you mean to them? How actively are they involved in your life?

It’s okay to share your goals with the people who legitimately want you to shine. You let these people know and they’ll be right by your side supporting you. Now this may come as a surprise but it is safe to tell people more successful than you rather than telling the ones who are already behind you. A person who has a lead on you will never be jealous of your dreams and success. However, the people already behind you will always envy your plans. This is just human nature. Be careful while choosing the people you wish to disclose your dreams to. People who are not really your well wishers can easily manipulate you.

What If You Really Are Aimless?

This may very well be the case with a lot of people. You work, you practice, you carry out your daily routine but you really don’t have any particular motive. You’re just heading straight without knowing where you want to end up. You don’t feel passionate about any one particular thing, you’re passionate about more than one!

It simply means you are limitless, in a positive sense. Do not limit yourself by the norms of the society. Now you may have to face a lot of criticism, but you need to be patient. Your skill will get you through. Do not let other people decide who you want to be and to what extent. You will excel in every field you have ever wanted to if you keep working on them.

When Aimlessness Really Becomes A Problem

Every human being possesses one or the other skill. If you are born on planet Earth, you are skilled. If you feel like a talent-less person with no special ability, you just have not discovered it yet! How to discover the skill is another story, for now, let’s say you have discovered your skill, not just one, but more! You can’t decide what you really want to capitalize on. Confusion is taking over. Time is passing by and it is so hard for you to make a decision. In all this confusion, you end up doing nothing and keep waiting for a sign from the universe. Spoiler Alert: The Universe can’t help you! Start small and then take it forward. Don’t wait for opportunities to knock at your door, go grab them. Being limitless is extraordinary, but not being able to extract the most out of it is misery!

Being aimless does not necessarily mean you are no good. In fact, it may as well mean you are more skilled than being stuck on just one thing. Now you know what you need to do. Start your research, grab those opportunities, put your skills to work and be someone that matters!

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