5 Tips to Practice the Law of Attraction

by Janani

A previous post about the Law of Attraction contains information about this philosophy and how to practise it. This post gives you five additional tips to improve your experience with LoA.

1. Vision Board

A vision board is like a collage of your dreams, some reaffirming messages and pictures that motivate you. You will need some chart paper, pictures and markers. Paste pictures of things you want, perhaps a car or a house. Write down positive messages (be kind, remember to smile, chin up!) and remind yourself of the things you want to do, the places you want to see. Have you always dreamed of going on vacation to France? Use pictures of French attractions and food!

If you need some inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start. This YouTube tutorial explains how to make a vision board, and also why it’s such an effective tool.

2. Gratitude Diary

The Law of Attraction encourages positivity and gratitude. But gratitude tends to be forgotten in the midst of our hectic lives. One way to remember to be thankful is to maintain a ‘gratitude diary.’ Set aside a notebook or diary to write everyday about the good things in your life. The beauty of this kind of diary is that, your entries don’t have to be several pages long. A day’s entry can be as short as, say, ‘Today, I am thankful for the beautiful weather.’

The benefits of a gratitude diary are plenty: by being thankful for the good things you have, you are attracting more of those good things into your life!

3. Breathing Exercises

Why are breathing exercises and meditation considered so good for mental and physical health? It’s simple: when you focus on deep breathing, more oxygen reaches your brain which refreshes your head and body. A refreshed mind is one that takes rational decisions and acts clearly. And when you act and think clearly, you can achieve your goals faster.

LoA can work wonders for you if you practice it along with mindful meditation. Click here to learn more about mindfulness and why you will benefit from practicing it.

4. Visualizing Exercises

A major part of the Law of Attraction is the power of visualization. This involves picturing yourself as having achieved your goals already. That is, if you want to be a good public speaker, you try to picture yourself giving a great speech. Imagine what you would say, the ease with which your words flow, and your audience’s thunderous applause. Even if you’re struggling with stage fear, imagine yourself as a confident and bold speaker.

Picturing yourself this way and doing actual work towards your goal is a big step towards success.

5. Spread the Love

LoA is all about positivity, love and gratitude. Remember the core principle: like attracts like. What you put out into the universe multiplies and boomerangs back to you. So when you spread love, act generously and kindly, you are attracting an abundance of love towards yourself.

The universe repays you with the same thing that you put into it. Think of this as standing on a cliff, shouting into space. If you say ‘kindness’, your echo repeats the word back to you. But if you were to say something unpleasant, that’s what you hear in return.

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