Presentation Tip Guide: How To Nail That Work Presentation

by Joseph

Are you gearing up for a presentation? When you need to deliver a compelling pitch for your ideas, a few tips can help. From organizing your visuals to pacing your speech, you can win over your audience.

Keep reading to find the ultimate presentation tip guide!

Use Narrative to Engage Your Audience

Presentation speech tips including using a story to pull in your audience. When you personalize a presentation with an anecdote, you connect with the people listening.

Consider using a personal story from childhood or even adulthood as an introductory hook. Or turn to a workplace experience that changed your perspective to close out your presentation.

Map Out a Structure

Wondering how to give a presentation? Make one of your initial steps planning the structure. The last thing you want to do is start talking without a game plan.

Write down the main takeaway points you want your audience to see. And consider starting your presentation with a compelling question. At the end of your presentation, circle back to it with some suggested answers.

Spread your main points out over several slides if you’re using PowerPoint for a presentation. And use bold, clear fonts that can be viewed from across the room. Avoid crowding slides with too much text — and sprinkle in a few visuals.

Prepping Technology is a Key Presentation Tip

If you’re giving a presentation in a new space, check out the space early — and check your technology. Make sure that your laptop hooks up to the projector and audio. And have any presentation files open and ready to go.

With a PowerPoint voice over, you can reach an audience over a digital platform. Prepare a script and use a microphone. Practice, too, to ensure that you use vocal inflection and good pacing.

Rehearse Your Presentation

Practice makes perfect, right? Whether you have one hour or 20 minutes, you want to make the most of your presentation time. Spend several days preparing for your presentation.

Record yourself talking so you can hear places where you stumble or lose focus. Even better, ask a friend to listen to your presentation and offer feedback. They can tell you if you’re projecting well, too.

Allow Time for Questions

What’s another great presentation tip? Give your audience time for questions. While you don’t want to present for 10 minutes and allow 50 minutes for questions, doing the opposite would be smart.

Showing time management skills in a presentation can go a long way. You’ll demonstrate that you are eager to talk further about your ideas or product. And you’ll show that you value the input of those around you.

Learn How to Give a Presentation

By following one presentation tip at a time, you can learn how to win over an audience of peers and superiors. You’ll be able to share clear points and strong visuals. And you’ll know how to use narrative to pull people into your presentation.

For more tips to improve your work and home life, check back for new articles!

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