Painting Your Bedroom? 5 Key Tips for Choosing a Color

by Joseph

Are you struggling with choosing a color to paint your bedroom? While it can seem as simple as finding a color you love and painting your bedroom walls, choosing a color on a whim can be a big mistake.

The paint colors you use in your home should not only reflect your decor and your personal style but also add to the overall comfort of your home. Many colors that might look great in the store will have a completely different look and tone when highlighted by the lighting in your home.

Fortunately, by following a few tips and using a few color theory best practices, you can choose the perfect colors for your home. If you are getting ready to paint your bedroom but aren’t sure how to choose your colors, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Consider Your Decor Style

The first tip for choosing a paint color you love is to consider the style of your decor. If your bedroom has a light and natural feel, choosing a dark and moody color won’t work. While you don’t have to match the paint to everything in the room, it should complement the overall look.

2. Look At Color Schemes

A great tip for how to choose a color for your bedroom is to look at color schemes. Are you going for a monochromatic look or something with a little more variety? By choosing a scheme to work within, you can narrow your choices and making choosing that much easier.

3. Decide On the Perfect Finish

One thing to consider when choosing paint for your bedroom is the finish you want. There are a variety of paint finishes to choose from, ranging from matte to high gloss. Consider the finishing in your room as well to make sure an item with powder coating finishes doesn’t clash with your bedroom walls.

4. Determine the Feeling You Want to Invoke

A helpful tip for choosing a color is to determine the feeling you want to invoke. While you might like the vibrancy and passion of red, in your bedroom, red can make it difficult to relax. Use color theory to determine how a certain color will make you feel when you are choosing paint for your bedroom.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting

One of the best color choosing tips is to pay attention to the lighting in your room. The color you choose can look completely different, depending on the amount of natural light and how it interacts with the artificial light in your room. Consider testing a few swatches for a full day before making your decision.

Use These Tips for Choosing a Color When You Are Painting Your Bedroom

By using these tips for choosing a color for your bedroom, you can pick the best color for your personality and space.

Start by considering your decor style and looking at color schemes. You should also determine the feeling you want to invoke and pay attention to your lighting. Make sure to test each color swatch before you make your final decision.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a bedroom you love.

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