Law of Attraction: A Potentially Life-Changing Philosophy

by Janani

Each one of us, regardless of age, gender or occupation, has a dream. There is at least one thing, perhaps fitness, money or love, that we covet and fantasise about. But with the increasingly popular ideology called the Law of Attraction, maybe your dreams will finally turn into reality.

The Law of Attraction, often abbreviated as LoA, is a philosophy that emphasises the power of your thoughts and beliefs. It is practised and endorsed by various world-famous Hollywood celebrities including Oprah WinfreyWill Smith and Jim Carrey.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a semi-spiritual idea with great depth and complexity. But at an introductory level, it can be summed up by this quote:

The Law of Attraction (LoA) has two key elements: your mind and the universe.

Just like the practice of mindfulness, the law of attraction (LoA) has to do with the power of your mind. A cornerstone of this law is: like attracts like. Now, this might sound a little strange because physics has taught us that likes repel and unlikes attract.

This is where the universe element of the LoA comes in. LoA involves the belief that what you put out into the universe, in terms of thoughts and actions, comes back to you in terms of your reality. That is, if you think positive, kind thoughts, the universe returns the positivity and kindness to you. However, if you act dishonestly and deceitfully, the universe repays you the same way. What goes around comes around.

How does it work?

The process of LoA can be broken down into four steps that begin with your thoughts and end with you living the life that you have always wanted.


This is the stage where you envision what you want. This can be anything: better grades, a healthy body, or an ideal partner. When you visualise what you want, you’re essentially projecting it into the universe. The core belief of LoA is that what you project is what the universe will arrange for you.

However, this process doesn’t magically transform your wishful thoughts into reality. Figuring out what you want and conjuring it in your mind is only the first step.


The next step involves converting your dreams and thoughts into words. Now that you have a vision of what you want, you need to put it on paper. A tip that is often recommended is journaling. Set aside a notebook or diary just for the purpose of ‘living out’ your dream. For example, if you want to be more fit, write in your diary as though you already are. Pen down your feelings about being fit, and the sense of accomplishment that came with reaching your goal.

This stage is about convincing yourself and essentially, the universe, that this is what you want and this is how you feel about achieving it.


Like I said before, the Law of Attraction does not endorse the notion that if you just want something badly enough, you’ll get it. It is simply the belief that you are in control of your destiny and you can design your own fate.

The third step involves breaking down your goal into smaller, simpler tasks. For instance, if your goal is to perform better in school, convert it into productive actions that you can carry out every day. This may include doing your homework on time, planning ahead for exams, etc. When you see your desire in terms of actions, it is no longer unattainable. It is no longer just a dream, it becomes an actionable plan.


Now that you know what you want and are doing what it takes to get there, the universe will collaborate and cooperate with you. Make no mistake, the Law of Attraction does not involve any religious beliefs about God or any almighty entities. The universe is simply our world, space, and everything that we know exists.

When you visualise your goals and convert them to words and actions, you are attracting the very things you want, be it fitness, financial abundance or love. Sooner rather than later, you will have achieved the goals that once seemed like faraway dreams.

The introduction to LoA ends here, but there’s a lot more to this subject. Stay tuned for more posts about LoA, its benefits, and more tips on how to make it work!

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