by Satyam Dash

In various films and comics we have seen superheroes like Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman etc. Most of us may have also fantasized how easy life would have become had they existed in reality. The United Kingdom did witness something similar in between 1979 and 1990. Well, they did not get a flying man who rescued people from problems but whom they had got was someone far more powerful than these fictional superheroes. Margaret Hilda Thatcher served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and the reforms she brought into place for the welfare of her countrymen make her no less than a superhero. Her style of leadership and her uncompromising nature in politics earned her the nickname The Iron Lady.

As the Prime Minister, Thatcher introduced various political and economic reforms to solve the problem of unemployment and to counter Britain’s struggles after the Winter of Discontent. The policies introduced by her focussed on  deregulation of the financial sector, flexible labour markets, privatisation of state owned companies and reducing the power of trade unions. Here are some of her most inspirational quotes.

1. On achievement

To achieve something, you have to face problems.

2. On hard work

Hard work is the only secret to success.

3. On never accepting defeat

Never accept defeat under any circumstances.

4. On disciplining yourself

Self discipline is important.

5. On success

Success involves flair, hard work and a sense of purpose.

6. On happiness

Happiness lies in doing productive things.

7. On not following the masses

Try to be a leader in what you do.

8. On the love for money

Earning money is important but that should not be the sole purpose of your life.

9. On planning

It is important to frame a plan and work according to the plan.

10. On peace

Real peace lies in being independent.

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