Enlightenment-Search for the Soul

by krishnamadad

We tend to either listen to our head or heart, there is no in-between but are they the true teachers of life? Or are they like two children bickering over toys and feelings.

The pathway of self enlightenment and the face of your own truth can be unraveled by practicing forms of Yoga and meditation but the question is Why?

Ask Yourself

Why do I need to practice it? Why do I need to unravel my true nature? Or why even I should get to know my own soul? I am working and functioning just fine without it, ain’t I ? So why go into these intrinsic webs of soul search?

The answer is your identity. To know where you stand in the world that is so vast and constantly moving, you not only need to discover yourself in the eyes of world but in the eyes of your own.

When we ask people what are you? We find them answering I’m an entrepreneur, or a doctor or a stock trader or something we are physically but what if someone asks you to dig deeper? To answer what are you in your own mind? What are you made of? Not the bones and muscles, not the feelings and emotions but what are your principles? What are your thoughts on the manifestations of world, where your soul goes when you are asleep, to whom your soul belongs to?

Sources to find your soul 

These questions are answered in the ancient practices of India. The Surya Namaskar and the meditation with the deep reverberation of chant “OM” brings out the pious soul in front with all the surroundings fading to a blur. These practises are mirrors which introduces you to yourself, your ideologies without the interference of your heart and your mind, irrespective of your situation and the life you are leading.To love your soul isn’t to love yourself (in a way it is) but moreover it is the love for the marvels of universe and to find the supreme being in the process of finding yourself.

The art of soul searching is expressed in many ways by many people and many influential personalities like Paulo Coelho in his famous book “The Alchemist” or Mitch Albom in “Tuesday’s with Morrie” or many other motivational leaders like Robin Sharma and Shiv Khera,  Devdutt Pattanaikthe mythological expert and Deepak chopra.

Love yourself, search your soul, dig deeper over the chaos of heart and mind, over the gossips of celebs and pricing of stocks, over the neighbors shouting and wailing of dogs.

You didn’t come into existence just to poke your nose in everybody’s business and affairs. You came here to create one. To find yourself and make peace with it while striving harder to achieve moksha,the enlightenment.

You can read the following famous spiritual books to help you with it 

  • The Monk who sold his ferrari – Robin Sharma

  • The Magic -Rhonda Bryne

  • Tuesday’s with Morrie – Mitch Albom

  • Power of Positive thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

  • Maktub – Paulo Coelho

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