Your Guide to Home Decor: Types of Chairs

by Joseph

Are you trying to decorate a new space but don’t know where to start when it comes to seating? Chairs can be overlooked since they’re often smaller pieces to add to a room, but they can be integral to your interior design ideas and how a room comes together. There are many types of chairs to choose from, but this list will help you get started in knowing what goes where.


If you are buying chairs for a sitting area or even around a table, looking at different types of armchairs is a good place to start. You can find tons of different armchairs ranging in sizes depending on if you want one for your living room next to the couch, or you need four to go around a dinner table for more comfortable seating.


A recliner can be the most comfortable chair in the house and also look like a stylish armchair. Today you can find recliners in any style or color to match your own decor and make for a great indoor chair to read, watch a movie, or spend time with family and friends.


An ottoman is a great versatile type of seating. You can have an ottoman provide extra storage in your bedroom or living room, and also serves as a comfortable setting option when you have more guests over or are getting ready in the morning.


A loveseat is basically a happy medium between a couch and a bigger armchair like a chair and a half. It sits two comfortably and is a great addition to a space that needs more seating but you don’t have the space for a whole sofa. You can also pair a loveseat with a sofa for a spacious seating area where everyone has somewhere to sit.

Hanging Chair

If you’re looking for a more laidback, cozy feel, consider going with a hanging chair to decorate a corner of a room. You can also find great hammock chairs that hang as well and add some style as well as a great place to cozy up with a book, or just sit and hangout.

Folding Chairs

Are you planning to have events or need to have chaired the offer quick storage? Folding chairs come in all different styles nowadays and you can get some beautiful options that elevate a space or event. If you are hosting an event, look into resin folding chairs as a good durable, and sleek option.

Tons of Types of Chairs

Buying chairs can feel overwhelming when there are so many types of chairs available, but once you know the kind of seating arrangement you want, it’s much simpler. Be sure you are buying chairs that you like sitting in and that match your space and the other furniture items you already own.

If you love the look of the chairs and like sitting in them, you’re on the right track. And if you found this helpful in your seating chart journey, check us out for more good ideas.

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