Which Religion Is Right For You? Here’s How To Choose

by Joseph

In these uncertain times, people look for something to provide stability and assurance that everything will be alright. Some people become despondent and don’t know where to turn for help. It’s during these times that many that lapsed in their spirituality seek it out again. And those that were never religious before start to ask themselves if they should seek out a spiritual base for comfort.

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar then you are no doubt looking to find a religion that will work for you. Something that can provide you with a safe haven to get through these wild times we are living through.

It may seem strange to pick a religion, but there is nothing wrong with it at all. You can find religion based on how it feels for you. In this article, I will go over some tips so you can find a religion that will be the best fit for your beliefs and personality.

Speak to some leaders

To get an idea of what each religion entails, it pays to go to the source. Seek out some of the leaders of the various religions in your community. For example, you likely have a local Rabbi, Priest, Imam, or another spiritual leader. They will be more than happy to set aside some time to talk to you and answer any of the questions that you have.

For instance, an LDS Bishop of the Mormon church will love to talk to you about the Evidences of The Book of Mormon. They can give you some insight not only into their beliefs but also how the church functions and what life is like as a member.

Likewise, any other leader can describe why they love their religion and how it helps them. They also have a mission that the church has as its focus so you can see what kind of role for yourself works for you.

There will be some norms that you have to follow as a member. This may include an obligatory tithe, some kind of volunteering of your time, or simply religious rites that have to be performed before you can join. This will all be explained in detail by the leader of the organization.

Make sure to talk to as many as you feel comfortable with. It is important to not compare them to each other, however, as they will be very different. Instead, try to envision yourself in the community and think about how the dogma sits with you.

Keep your mind open

The thing to try to remember is that you don’t actually choose a religion. A religion chooses you. If you keep an open mind then you will eventually settle on the one that is right for you.

It’s important to give the processing time and to allow for many different ideas to take up residence in your mind. After a while, you will naturally start to gravitate towards one or even a couple before settling. If you were to discount one too soon, then you may end up having a bit of a quandary later on if you feel things are not working out with the others for whatever reason.

Keep researching and keep getting information even about the religions that you initially think are not going to work for you. Also, you may have found one of the leaders that you had previously spoken to was not to your liking. You shouldn’t discount the religion based on the impressions you got from one person.

Read as much as possible

 The texts of the religions themselves are going to provide you with a lot of the answers that you are seeking. As well as some texts were written by religious scholars. Go to the library and take out a copy of the holy books that you can take your time reading.

You don’t need to read the entire book as this could end up taking you years to get through. However, if you also follow this up with books about religion, you can skip to the sections that will hold some of the answers about the religion that you are looking for.

There will be plenty of literature that also speaks about the bad aspects of religion. This is important information as well. There may be parts of the dogma that run antithetical to your core personal beliefs. You should listen to both the good and the bad and understand that there are aspects of all religions that may not be to your liking.

You may even find that the more you learn, the less clear things get toward understanding which religion will be right for you. There’s nothing wrong with this as you have to remember that many religions have been around for thousands of years. They are complicated and require you to have faith. And faith doesn’t come easily.

Don’t fall for a cult

Unfortunately, there are people out there looking for anybody that is vulnerable and feels lost so they can prey on them. Cults are famous for recruiting people during times of crisis. They may seem like they are legitimate religions but soon enough you will understand that the organization is actually a cult.

How to know if the religion you are looking into is a cult? There are always some signs, even early on that let you know that you need to proceed carefully. First and foremost a cult usually revolves around a very charismatic leader. Watch for the way the leader is treated by the congregation. If they seem borderline worshipful of this person, then this is not a good sign.

There is also almost always a period of indoctrination that can be used as brainwashing. Joining a religion should be a process and a journey that you take in your own time. If you need to sit through retreat after retreat, or you are not allowed to contact family or friends during a specific time then this is a sign to walk away.


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