by shatakshi

In the humdrum of chaos, we are so busy running from one appointment or obligation to the other that we forget a fundamental truth of life. Wondering what the fundamental truth is?

It is meant to be lived to the fullest and not rushed through in a series of events. Do you get that feeling that everything is a drag? If yes, then you better read on.

Let’s face it- sometimes living can get a little boring. And this leaves you a feeling that you’re stuck in a rut.

You don’t feel excited about anything anymore. Basically, life feels pretty mundane and full of routines. In case you have been nodding so far, we’re getting some solutions that will help you bring the spark back in your life.

  1. Do Something Different

All you need to do is to shake some things up and the answer will be right in front of you.

Here are a couple of easy and doable tips on how to invite passion and inspiration back into your living. While some of them will startle you at first since they will push you out of your comfort zone but will let go of your inhibitions.

2. Pick a hobby

It’s time to learn something new, perhaps playing the guitar or painting.

Add color to your choices by picking up a new skill. It can be anything you want it to be so long as even the thought of it makes you happy.

3. Make a choice

 What most people clearly forget is that a big part of your living is a result of the choices you make. All your choices no matter how big or small result in actions that leave you gasping.

So stop sitting on the sidelines and move to the center stage.

4. Travel

Looking for a reason to make life more exciting? Then what better way to do this than to travel and have a good time? Make plans to visit places that you haven’t seen so far and look forward to a relaxing vacation to unwind.

5. Meet new people

It’s all about breaking the routine so step out of your comfort and have a good time. Meeting new people is a great way to change the way your life is going.

6. Smile and laugh more

You don’t really need an excuse to be happy per say but it’s a good feeling to wake up with a smile. Look for the positives in people, situations and you see how much of a difference it makes if you simply smile.

7. Be one with the nature

Let mother nature take care of you. Mother Nature would soothe your aching soul and make you whole. Let nature be the balm that takes you pain away.

8. Love without restrictions

Love without restrictions. Spend time with the people that matter the most to you and make sure you tell them that they make you beautiful. Don’t hold back, love freely!

9. Dream big

The first step towards you changing your living is to dream and visualize how you want it to be. The moment you do that you know what you want. Also, dream big and work towards making these dreams a reality.


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