‘Practical ways to overcome the frustrations of life’

by almeda

Frustrations undermine confidence

Frustrations undermine confidence, distracting us from our dreams, goals, and purpose.

Continually we invest and pour into ourselves and the lives of others. Naturally, we expect a return` on our investment.

We expect a return for our personal sacrifices, disappointment laboring all night, until the wee hours of the morning.


Frustrations rob us of our peace and joy

Overthinking keeps our thoughts centered on the negative aspect of our lives. Distractions warp our reality of our present circumstances.

Loss of focus blinds us to the support and resources available.

Focus is important to productivity

Without communication, we quietly harbor disappointment

Exploding, we injure others with our words and actions. Dwelling on our problems, hinder progress stopping growth.

Here are some practical tips to overcome life’s frustrations:

1. Accept reality

You must be realistic about your abilities and your short comings. You must understand your physical abilities and limitations.

2. Shift your focus

The demands and trying irritations of life gradually shift our focus from important matters to less important matters causing us to spiral downward into anger and despair. When you are frustrated, shift your focus by engaging in small but demanding activities.

3. Confiding in your friends

Find somebody you trust and talk about it. Let it out. Don’t let it grow inside until it explodes. Most of the time, when you reach this point it is too late to make a meaningful change that will restore.

4. Journal it

Writing is therapeutic. It gives you an outlet of creative expression and a safe place to vent your views without criticism or judgement, allowing you to be completely honest with yourself. Writing makes it easier for you to confront your insecurities and fears. When we acknowledge our problems, we are able to work through our pain. Instead of harboring pain, we properly discharge the pain, through venting private opinions and writing things out.

5. Identify a list of possible actions

What exactly will make the situation acceptable again? What are the things that you could actually do to improve your current status? Make a list, try to identify every possible action.

6. Be your own avatar

Try to look at yourself from “The Outside”. Write on a piece of paper what an observer would see in your behavior? How you speak and act? The more you do this exercise, the more you will differentiate yourself from the frustrating persona and take control over it at the same time.

7. Read something funny

Humor often diffuses anger helping you to switch your focus to something else, giving you a temporary break. That will allow you to regroup and reevaluate your situations.

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