Five Free Apps That Will Make You Productive

by Janani

Have you ever found yourself swamped with too much work and not enough time? Have you ever wished you could keep track of your tasks and be more productive? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Smartphones aren’t just for Instagram, WhatsApp and Temple Run anymore. In fact, there are some great applications that can help you prioritise your tasks, take notes on the go, set reminders, and accomplish goals. All for free!

Here’s a list of some of the best rated apps for Android and iOS that can help you be productive and stay on top of things.

1. Todoist — iOS and Android

Todoist is an app for organising work and errands that lets you view your upcoming tasks one day or one week at a time. You can also ‘collaborate’ with your partner, friends, coworkers or family to share to-do lists with them.

This app has a simple, user-friendly interface with a range of color themes, filters and labels. Todoist offers optional upgrades to Premium or Business services for a yearly subscription fee.

2. Picniic — iOS and Android

Picniic is a free app that claims to be the best family organiser you will find. It has been featured by Forbes and Time Magazine among others for its noteworthy features. These include a shared calendar for the entire family and the ability to share your location quickly with family members.

In addition to that, you can create shopping lists, to-do lists, a planner for recipes and meals, and you can even organise parties with ease. The app offers monthly and yearly premium plans for an additional subscription fee.

3. Evernote — iOS and Android

Evernote is a very popular app that is considered one of the ‘Essentials’ on the iOS App Store and is an ‘Editors’ Choice’ app on the Google Play Store. This is an application with which you can organise your day, take notes and scan anything. You can even scan and save business cards, so you no longer have to worry about losing them!

The Evernote app is free, but it offers ‘Premium’ and ‘Plus’ services at price ranges that differ based on whether you own an Android or iOS device.

4. GoodTask 3 — iOS only

GoodTask 3 is the app for you if you use iCloud or Outlook with Reminders and Calendars on your iPhone or iPad. It gives you the option to create smart lists based on task importance, location or urgency.

GoodTask 3 also lets you set tasks faster with a set of customisable preset text snippets like ‘Today’ and ‘Due tomorrow’. This free app offers an additional option to upgrade to pro.

5. Fabulous: Motivate me! — Android only

This is an award winning Android app that helps you concentrate on your tasks, sleep better, find the right diet to maximise energy and more. With this fabulous app, you can set reminders to drink water, meditate and design plans to lose weight.

Fabulous, boasting of almost 50,00,000 downloads on the Play Store, offers in-app purchases such as a ‘personal voice coach’ ranging from Rs. 180 to Rs. 6,100 per item.

So, equip yourself with these powerful apps and put the ‘pro’ in productive!

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