by Satyam Dash

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States of America. Apart from leading America during the Cold War and managing relations with communist states, he is also remembered for his role in the 2nd World War. After completing his graduation from the Harvard University, Kennedy joined the United States Naval Reserve in 1941. He led a series of Patrol Torpedo Boats in the Pacific theater. His services earned him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. Though he died at the early age of 46, he is still considered as one of the greatest American presidents of all time. Improved relations with the army and the media were characteristic of his presidency. Following are some of his most inspirational quotes which give us a glimpse into his short but impactful life.

1 . On the importance of purpose and direction

Direct your efforts and courage for a definite purpose.

2. On what one should pray for

Make yourself stronger instead of hoping for easier lives.

3.On children

Nurture children properly as they will shape the future of the world.

4. On the need for immediate action

Act immediately and act by yourself,

5.On Idea

Ideas are immortal.

6. On Change

Change is the only constant in life,


7. On the need to end war

Stop violence or else it will put an end to mankind.


8. On Gratitude

The best way to express gratitude is by action and not by words.


9. On Physical Education

Maintain physical fitness to succeed in all other activities.

10. On the importance of education

Human resource is the most important resource of a nation.


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